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No need to break out your address book or export lists from your cell phone, PDA or other electronics. We have consumer mailing lists for your area, so you don't have to do any of the work! Along with our hand-addressing services, we can help you expand your market base and boost your business to the next level!

Now is a terrific time to start courting new customers, and with a handwritten, hand-addressed promotion, your ROI should be significant. Everyone loves to be recognized, and with a hand-addressed mailing (typically boasting a 96% open rate!) you'll be far more successful than with traditional printed postcards.

Our all-inclusive mailing services allow us to do all the work for you. Packages come with your chosen card, first-class postage, envelopes, hand-addressing service, and much, much more!

How It Works:

The List. First, we will create a comprehensive list using your individualized specifications. Your criteria can be as specific or diverse as you wish, targeting an entire zip code or particular demographics (e.g., homeowners, income brackets, families, etc.).

Set Up a Schedule. Once a list has been acquired, we will set up a monthly schedule to ensure that all listed individuals will receive their card in a timely manner. We also encourage you to choose a promotion to include with the card.

We will hand-address the envelope, sign and insert the card along with your promtional offer, affix the stamp and bring it to the post office—you don't have to lift a finger!